Kathleen Corriveau

Associate Professor

Director, Social Learning Laboratory

Office: 621 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 322
Email: kcorriv@bu.edu

Professor Corriveau’s Faculty Profile


Professor Corriveau’s research focuses on social and cognitive development in childhood, with a specific focus on how children decide what people and what information are trustworthy.  She is also interested in language and reading development, cross-cultural differences and the role of parenting in children’s social and emotional development.




Telli Davoodi

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Telli works on cross-cultural projects where she collaborates with researchers locally and internationally to study the effects of context and culture on the development of causal reasoning, social essentialism, and moral judgments. At the SLL, she focuses on children's use of causal reasoning in learning about unobservable scientific and religious phenomena.

She is also interested in children's concept of "ownership" in different cultures and how socioeconomic status influences children's and adults' ideas about who deserves what.

Telli's Personal Website


Niamh Mcloughlin

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Niamh is broadly interested in the impact of social information on young children’s evaluations, learning and behavior. She completed her PhD in Psychology at the University of York, UK, in 2017 which investigated the development of intergroup bias. She is currently working on projects examining parental testimony in the transmission of religious and scientific concepts and the social factors that promote children’s science learning.


Sarah Suárez

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Sarah Suárez is a Postdoctoral Associate interested in the development of individual differences in children’s informal learning and critical thinking, particularly in relation to their personal philosophies about the nature and origins of knowledge. She did her master's and doctoral work under the supervision of Dr. Melissa Koenig at the University of Minnesota's Institute of Child Development, and also holds a B.S. in Animal Science from Cornell University. Currently she works on projects concerning how cultural, socioeconomic, and parental factors influence children's unique approaches to learning via testimony, text and exploration.




Ian Campbell

Doctoral Student

Applied Human Development


Ian is a doctoral student in the Applied Human Development Ph.D. program. He is interested in how children decide who to trust, engage in critical thinking, and process important information while learning. Currently, his research focuses on how children view and trust text-based sources of information.


Kelly Cui

Doctoral Student

Applied Human Development


Kelly is a doctoral student in the Human Development Program. She is broadly interested how children learn from and interact with other people, and how parent-child interaction and cultural context influence this process. Currently she is working on a project linking children’s teaching behavior to their selective learning in both US and China.


Hannah Puttre

Doctoral Student

Applied Human Development

Hannah is a doctoral student in the Applied Human Development PhD program. Her research interests broadly focus on informal learning and how to capitalize on everyday learning opportunities and children’s inherent curiosities, as well as the practical applications of these types of research.


Amanda Haber

Doctoral Student

Applied Human Development


Amanda is a doctoral student in the Applied Human Development Ph.D. program. Her research interests broadly focus on how children’s early learning is shaped by their social context, with a strong commitment to developing practical classroom applications. More specfically, Amanda is interested in parent-child interactions, as they relate to early literacy and language development and teacher-child relationships, specifically related to how inquiry-based learning and instruction influences children’s early social and cognitive development.


Sona Kumar

Doctoral Student

Applied Human Development


Sona is a first year doctoral student in Applied Human Development. She is broadly interested in how children develop an understanding of their social worlds and identities through interactions with parents and teachers. Currently, she is exploring why a gender achievement gap exists in STEM subjects and how stakeholders like parents and teachers can help to minimize this gap. 




Ciara Jacob

Ciara is a placement student from the University of Bath, where she is in the third year of her undergraduate Psychology degree. She is especially interested in cognitive and social psychology, and hopes to learn more about developmental psychology pertaining to these fields during her time at the Social Learning Lab!


Veronika Pilarova

Veronika is a Psychology undergraduate student from the University of Surrey. She’s excited to be going on placement at the Social Learning Lab and gain a deeper understanding of social and cognitive psychology. She is specifically interested in the influence of culture and early social context on identity, thinking and learning.




Mercedes Muñoz

Mercedes Muñoz is a junior undergraduate student studying Psychology. After graduation, she hopes to go on to graduate school for Clinical Psychology and carry out her work within immigrant communities. 


Samantha Barbero

Sam is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. She is excited to be able to participate in research that contributes to helping people better understand themselves and the world around them. She is especially interested in how early childhood experiences and parental interactions effect children as they develop, and how language and culture play a role.


Petal Samrow

Petal is a junior studying neuroscience and psychology on the premed track. She loves to work with children and upon graduation hopes to attend medical school to pursue a career as a pediatric neurologist.


Abby Mack

Abby Mack is a Senior studying Psychology and Advertising. She is currently working at the SLL as a Public Relations Assistant. She hopes to combine these two fields and after graduation work in the Consumer Psychology field, learning how advertising and psychology impact one another.


Ben Atlas

Ben is a junior majoring in Psychology. He is interested in studying social development in children in order to understand how individuals can perform best in a work space. After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

45187909261_e81edbce5f_o (1).jpg

Elise Reehl

Elise is a junior majoring Psychology in the College of Arts and Science. She is excited to start her first real research opportunity at the SLL. Her passion for working with children makes this lab the perfect place for her.

Profile Picture SLL.jpg

Sierra Hansen

Sierra is a sophomore studying psychology at Boston University. She is interested in the thought processes of children and how they choose who to respect. After graduation, Sierra hopes to possibly earn her PhD and/or to become a child life specialist.


Claire Manley

Claire is a junior studying psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences. After graduation, she is planning on attending graduate school to earn her PsyD and pursue a career in a clinical psychology, focusing on in child psychology and pediatric therapy.  


Mackenzie Conner

Mackenzie is a Senior studying Psychology and Sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is especially interested in both developmental and social psychology as it relates to children. Mackenzie has worked with kids in many settings and is excited to continue this work by assisting with research in the Social Learning Lab. After graduation, Mackenzie plans to continue her education.


Elizabeth Terilli

Elizabeth is a sophomore studying Psychology with a minor in Spanish. She is excited to engage in research and learn more about children’s cognitive development. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology.


Claudia Devlin

Claudia is a senior majoring in Psychology with a focus on Counseling.  She is particularly interested in studying how individuals and families cope with adversity in the forms of loss and chronic illness when she is working toward a PhD and goes into the field.  She is looking forward to learning more about how children view the world through her work in the lab.


Purnima Seshadri

Purnima is a senior pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in statistics. She is really excited to be a part of the research team in the Social Learning Lab! After graduation, she plans to go to graduate school and study clinical psychology. 


Nikita Joshi

Nikita is a junior studying Psychology. She is interested in clinical, developmental, and social psychology and is looking forward to the research opportunities the Social Learning Lab has to offer! 


Olivia Soyeon Kim

Olivia is majoring in psychology. She is interested in how loving relationships affect children’s motivation. She is planning on going to graduate school to learn more about motivational psychology. Working in the he Social learning is her first lab experience, and she is excited to expand her passions and interests.  


Khushboo Patel

Khushboo recently received her Master’s in Psychology from Boston University. Her area of specialization includes Social and Developmental Psychology. She hopes to enrich her research experience by indulging in research with children which will facilitate her to achieve her long term goal of pursing a PhD.


Julia Hong

Julia is a sophomore studying psychology and speech pathology. She is thrilled to explore more about children through research in social and developmental psychology. She plans on either obtaining a PsyD or masters in speech pathology!


Edward Litwin

Edward is a recent college graduate with a degree in Human Evolutionary Biology. His area of interest is in social factors that affect student learning of publicly controversial topics, like evolution or climate change. He ultimately hopes to work in education policy.


Kendall Brown

Kendall is a third-year undergraduate student at Boston University where she majors in Psychology. She plans to continue her studies after graduation, as she strives towards gaining her PsyD. Kendall ultimately hopes to open her own clinical practice someday, which will focus primarily on school-aged children in communities of color. 

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Michelle Park

Michelle Park is a sophomore studying Psychology and Economics in the College of Arts and Sciences. She loves working with children and is excited to learn more about their development from a cognitive perspective. Ultimately, she would like to pursue a career in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.



All our alumni have followed diverse and interesting paths since working at the Social Learning Lab. Here is a small taste of what our Alumni have done! This is current as of June 2018.

Postdoctoral Alumni

Jennifer Clegg – Senior Lecturer in the Psychology Department at Texas State University, Jennifer’s Personal Website.

Katie Leech - Associate Professor at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Katie’s Personal Website.

Ayse Payir - Postdoctoral Researcher at the Columbia Social and Moral Cognition Lab.


Doctoral Alumni

Eleanor Castine

Katelyn Kurkul – Assistant Professor at Merrimack College, Katelyn’s Personal Website.

Grace Min - Postdoctoral Fellow at Outreach Community Counseling Center and Meier Clinics Neuropsychology.


Lab Manager Alumni

Jenna Alton - Graduate Student in the Human Development program at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Emily Palmer

Amy Macmillan

Rosie Brett 

Teaching Assistant Alumni

Annie Leech

Cory Campbell

Undergraduate Research Assistant Alumni

Leah Mekler – Undergraduate studying psychology at Boston University.

Ajaycia Jackson

Gabby Direnzo

Aakansha Singh

Emily Breuer

Moses Ji

William Murphy

Hayley Perelman – Currently on the clinical psychology Ph.D. program at Illinois Institute of Technology.

Noemi Skala

Chritie Tansg – Working as a user experience designer at a consulting company solving complex design problems for mobile and desktop.

Taylor-Ann Green

Michael Li – Masters student in the MA/CAGS School Psychology program at University of Connecticut.  

Lauren Linn – A current undergrad senior who will be pursuing a Masters of Social Work on a Clinical Track specializing in Children, Adolescents, & Families come fall.

Pratima Patil

Rachel Oblath – Ph.D student in the Applied Human Development at BU, working in the Social Adjustment and Bullying Prevention Laboratory.

Rachel Bell – MPH student at UC Berkeley studying health and social behavior.

Maggie Zhang

Anna Shuqom

Stefanie Grossano

Avery Steele

Jason Chin – Lab manager at the Paluck Lab at Princeton University.

Jenna Benferhat – Volunteer in Lebanon with Belgian nonprofit Soutien Belge Overseas, teaching Syrian refugees English.

Carley Mirvis – Graduate student at Antioch University pursuing a masters in clinical psychology.

Paige Kessler – Senior at BU and working at Arbour HRI Psychiatric Hospital as a Mental Health Associate.

Amanda Haber – Current MA student in Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.

Sam Murray

Eliza Grossman

Maren Taylor

Melissa Capone – Clinical Research Coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Lauren Blackwell

Teresa Tam – Current MA student in the UK, doing a master’s degree in child and adolescent mental health at City of London University.

Stephanie Santos

Emily Peters – Graduate student at Columbia University’s Teachers College, studying School Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Jingyu Xi

Jiayi Zhong

Julia Bassin – Currently pursuing her Masters of Social Work at NYU, with an internship at an elementary school.

Olivia Calisi

Tanvi Dharp

Monica Abou-Ezzi

Marissa Inouye – In her junior year at BU, and working for Tufts Medical Center as a Medical Scribe working towards an EMT certification.

Danielle Fishbein – Senior studying Psychology and Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, and a research assistant at Child Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders.

Aarushi Talwar

Pelin Tozan

Teya Lovell

Huaiyu Liu

Julie Stern

Suzanna Hui

Sophia Hasson 

Fang Eleanor Yan

Nicole Lacasse

Julia McMahon

Angelica Concepcion

Janhavi Gadam

Fang Eleanor Yan

Matt Bandel

Amita Selchon

Andrea Maheras

Adam Bieda

Cat Baldwin

Isabelle Charles

Pelin Tozan

Kylee Hegary

Leah Mekler

Yasmin Almashouk

Youmna Jalkh

Hannah Carroll

Deniz Kizildag

Michelle Alessandro

Jahnavi DeSousa

Karen Lee

Sumedha Vemparala

Irem Ozturk

Catherine Zhao

Emily Lin

Nicholas Botsolis

Mira LaRocca

Cristina Cortes

Alexis Roberts

Dana Goldy

Molly Raddant

Elaina Bowman

Samuel Berrettini

David Vega

Emerald Kao

Sabrina Bencik

Leticia Deoliveira

Yijuan Zhu

Minghui Wang

Meghan Conlin

Elise De Bethmann

Shan Wan

Ryan Gildersleeve

Chloe Yang

Katherine Yu

Hyo Jin (Jenny) Shin

Craig Venezia