SRCD Biennial Meeting, Austin, TX, 2017

Dr. Jennifer Clegg gave a talk titled “Trust me, I’m a competent expert”.

APA Meeting, Boston, MA, 2017

Dr. Jennifer Clegg and Dr. Ayse Payir organized a symposium titled “Understanding What Is and What Is Possible: Examining the Impact of Cognitive Biases and Religious Experiences on the Understanding of Possibility Across Cultures and Individuals”


Religious Cognition Conference

Dr. Jennifer Clegg, Dr. Ayse Payir, and graduate student Kelly Yixin Cui presented their posters at the Religious Cognition Conference held in Georgetown University.


EPA Conference, Philadelphia, PA, 2018

Emily Palmer and Eleanor Fang present their research, "The Coexistence of Science and Religion: Beliefs if Iranian Religious and Non-Religious Parents". Research Assistants, Julia McMahon, Mercedes Munoz, Hannah Corroll, and Matt Bandel also attended the conference, helping to present.